Talbot Lago T26C 1948
At the beginning of 2020 Dmitriy Glazyrin from Mondlicht Studios contacted me and told me about his great desire to start a project with many talented CGI artists. Together with Kristian Turner and Dmitriy we have developed the idea about a project that connects us all and that is historical development of F1 / racing cars. A total of 12 artists were selected and divided by decades from the year 1900 to 2020 and now I want to share with you my dicade 1940-1950. 
It was not so easy to choose a car in that time, people experienced very hard times, there was war. And it should also be interesting story, why this car. After very long research I found the right vehicle and it should be Talbot Lago T26C.
Grand Prix 1949 Belgium. Louis Rosier with the Talbot was first at the finish, not because his car was the fastest or lightest, but most economical. He was able to complete the whole distance with only one tank of gas. With this advantage he managed to win against 2 top Italian racers and a total of 3 Ferraris.
Rosier's victory with the Talbot has since been considered one of the biggest surprises in Grand Prix racing and the decisive reason why Enzo Ferrari decided to compete with a naturally aspirated engine in 1950.

whole collaboration you can see here https://www.behance.net/gallery/114916761/Zwoelf-Automotive-collaboration

Software: 3ds Max, Fstorm Renderer, Adobe Photoshop.
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